Our Story

This page was created to help gain awareness for heroin addiction across the United States. Meghan’s A.R.M.Y. (Addiction, Recovery, Movement 4, Youth) is aiming to:

Reduce the stigma of addiction to raise awareness of the options for addicts & families.

Create an avenue for addicts to “turn themselves in” to obtain affordable treatment without fear of incarceration, fines and death.

Create more access to half-way houses or safe recovery centers as people come out of rehabilitation to assist with jobs, food , housing and group support.

Please join us in this nationwide effort to push for the necessary changes by:

  • encouraging your friends and family to participate in any way possible
  • finding and posting resources available to addicts and their families
  • sharing any valuable information to help us gain the maximum awareness
  • post any ideas/stories you may have to further this causeThank you all for your help! We want to make a difference and have Meghan’s (1993-2016) voice be heard!

Next Steps...

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