Recently we at Meghan’s A.R.M.Y. hosted a spaghetti dinner to support those in our community and to be able to continue what we’ve been doing to support those that come to us needing advice or just a place to be able to speak with anonymity. We don’t, and won’t, ask for names, or what’s going on. We like knowing when people want to share and we’re grateful when people share with us because to us it means that we’re trusted.

Why did we host this event? In the beginning, events have always been hosted for a specific cause. Whether we host the event because there’s an organization in need or because we wanted to support a cause that we believe in. To us, this dinner was a way for people to support what they thought was an important cause. The spaghetti dinner was a way for us to invite people to come, learn more about the other people that bring about such a community that people can feel comfortable talking about or coming out about their addictions.

Yesterday (October 29) we had many people come out and help our event run smoothly but also to share information on what they do to help the community. In that aspect, we wanted to reach out to them, allow them to share their information, but also it was a chance for people to support an event that helps us continue running effectively.

As a non-profit, we don’t gain a profit from anything. Everything we have is from our own pockets or from donations. Most of the time, we host events, like last night’s dinner, to help us continue running. To help us when everything has grown out around us; when places like Grand Rapids have gained new structures and new companies that may offer help in different ways that may or may not work for you. Sometimes, all people need is an open ear and a place to come forward to speak about their addictions and how it’s affecting them.

The question remains…Why do non-profits host events?

The simple answer, we host events to help people come together and meet others that are dealing with the same situations or have faced similar situations and have survived to tell their stories. We wanted to host this event for the same reasons. We wanted to give people a chance to come and learn more about what we do, why we do it, and for people to learn about other companies that run similar programs or can offer more services than just a place to learn about what’s happening within the opioid crisis.

We’re so grateful for the numerous people that came and helped us put on a wonderful event, we appreciate all the sponsors that donated items to help with the event by creating a successful silent auction, and most importantly to all of you that came and made the event such a success. We appreciate how many of you came out, talked about your successes, your victories over addiction, your losses, those who you remember that fought hard and that still play a major role in your lives like Meghan does for us, every day. We appreciate all of you and want to thank each of you for taking the time to come out last night to support our dinner event and hope you had a great time.